The purpose of WomenKind is to provide guidance and support to women throughout their lives. We are a unique team of professional women that come together to support the discovery and guidance of every woman's journey through life. We offer a series of fun workshops and powerful retreats that address personal growth, sexuality, self-esteem, body image, dream building, life planning, career discovery, family relationships, and love.

Through nationwide speaking engagements, we strive to help women and girls think through their options so that they can design a life style that will bring them happiness and fulfillment. By encouraging them to think about how the choices they make now will affect their futures, we hope to help them avoid activities which are not consistent with the lives they envision for themselves.

As WomenKind grows we will offer a host of related support programs including professional development, career guidance, mentorships, mother-daughter retreats, junior-high and high school guidance programs, college student workshops, personal coaching, family consultation, and crisis intervention.

WomenKind is a meeting place for women in all stages of their lives to share experiences, seek guidance and support one another.

Please contact us with your needs, inquiries, or to express interest in learning more about how WomenKind can become a part of your life.


Soon our site will have our schedule for Weekend Retreats, and a Virtual Village. Come join us while we all get spiritually and physically fit for the rest of our lives. We'll help you.

Milan Jensen
Live the life you want to live!    Feel great about your body!    Have all the energy you need!